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We've been putting the compact and extremely light Fujitsu U810 to the test.  Our full review will be ready soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to bring you some photos and first impressions. 

First impressions are strong.  Click to enlarge photos.


The first thing you'll notice as you remove the U810 from its box is its size and weight.  There's no question that those are a couple of its best features. That's not meant to take anything away from the rest of the Tablet, as this is a Tablet to rival several other larger models.

This probably isn't a computer that will become your everyday system.  I wouldn't want to type a thesis on this, but I've found that it's almost the perfect size to carry around at shows or whenever I want a computer without the weight or extra case.  The U810 fits in my purse and the additional one and a half pounds is almost negligible.  I can easily pull it out to take a note or two.  It never fails to draw comments.  At the hotel, I can type on it, at least when my nails are grown out a bit. Anyone with larger hands would find it difficult to use the keyboard as a larger computer, but it can be used for thumb-texting.  As it's a Tablet, I'm not sure why anyone would need to use the keyboard extensively. Back at home, the VGA connection will hook up to your larger monitor.

Although I usually prefer the active digitizer to a touch screen, this is one of the exceptions.  Due to its portability, the touch screen makes navigation simple with any stylus or fingertip, and palm interference is minimal when writing due to its small size. 

Resolution matches the screen size, something I've found to be lacking in many UMPCs and smaller Tablet PCs. 

The standard 4-cell battery is rated at an amazing 5.5 hours of battery life, although I didn't get quite that much. Load up a movie or two before a long flight and the U810 has the battery power to let you enjoy them, assuming that you can before others start asking about the computer.

At its price point of around $1000, it's a definite choice for those who may be considering an ultra-mobile PC. Personally, I prefer having the keyboard and the option of a pen.  No matter what the situation, I can use the U810 comfortably. 

Specifications are included on our Fujitsu page.

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