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For some of the most popular tools, check the following listings.  Some are tools everyone should use, others are just fun.  Regardless of your choice, we hope you won't need them, but in the case you do, hopefully, they'll help.

Microsoft has just added some new sites for information on both spyware and viruses.  Check them out by clicking on one of the following:



More Spyware


Windows Defender is the new tool that includes an anti-spyware program as well as other security tools to protect your computer.

With the prevalence of spyware, NO computer should be without a good anti-spyware program.  Spyware Blaster is an excellent program that can stop spyware from getting into your system.

There are many other free scanners available.  Not all will work for everything, so it's a good practice to use more than one.  Ad-Aware SE and Spybot Search & Destroy work very well with each other.  CoolWebShredder may work when others don't and is the first line of defense when it comes to toolbars and other resistant spyware.  I recommend running this first. There's also HijackThis which is perfect for browser hijackings.

Ad-Aware is one of the few products we consider a "must have" for anyone who uses the internet.  No matter which spyware removal tool is used, check for updates each time you use it.  Just like an anti-virus, this should a part of your daily maintenance.  Click here for the free version of Ad-Aware. Free plugins are also available here.

To find the best in free spyware removal tools as well as discussions, visit or

If you want to learn more about spyware, SpywareInfo is an excellent site.  Using one of the following forums is another great resource -

None of these programs are hard to use and well worth the time to download, install and use.  Remember that just like an anti-virus program, they need to be updated for new definitions often.

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Worried about viruses?  Microsoft's new Windows Live OneCare includes several security programs, including anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, data backup and restore and computer tuneups. 

There are many anti-virus programs available including several free ones.  I recommend AVG from Grisoft.  Free doesn't mean much if the program doesn't do a good job, but we've used AVG for a couple of years and have never been infected.

The following is a free scanning tool through the courtesy of Panda Anti-Virus.  If a virus is found, use the Cleaning Tool to rid your computer of the infection.  Definitions are as up-to-date as possible.

Free Virus Check

Note:  ActiveScan requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later



Free Virus Removal Tools


Is that virus warning you received real?  Click here to check if it's a hoax.

If you still have a question about Tablet PCs after checking our Support page and the related sites, please email us.

Microsoft Releases Tablet PC Experience Pack
Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC is full of fun applications that take full advantage of the Tablet PC pen—and empowers you with creative, mobile, and productive tools. You can write, draw, and express yourself in your own personal way. After you download the Experience Pack, the installer allows you to install one, some, or all of these products.

Keep Priorities Top of Mind

With Ink Desktop, you can write down notes directly on your desktop for quick and easy access, like a phone number, address, or top priorities for the day. It's like one big sticky note that won't get lost. Or if you're feeling less productive, it's also a great place to doodle.

Share the Highlights

Snipping Tool allows you to select and capture a portion of your screen—part of a Web site, document, or application. Then add handwritten comments, and save or send it in an e-mail message. Capture it as a circle, square, or freehand image. It even attaches the URL automatically if your capture is from a Web site.

Paint Outside the Lines

Ink Art simulates an artist's toolset. Choose from different textured canvases, paint brushes, chalks, crayons, and more. Draw or paint freehand or use a digital picture as tracing paper to create a professional-looking painting. Ink Art takes advantage of the Tablet PC pen's pressure sensitivity, so shading looks natural.

Six Letter Word for Fun

Ink Crossword is a must for puzzle fans and those who simply enjoy taking a break from their normal routine to solve a minor challenge. Solve any of the 12 puzzles that come with Ink Crossword, or download a new puzzle every day for free.

Take Your Photos, Music, and Videos To Go

Easily copy media files from your home computer (running Windows XP Home, Professional, or Media Center Edition) to your Tablet PC with Media Transfer. Queue up your favorite music, movies, and digital photo albums and copy them over a wired or wireless network. Then off you go, fully stocked with entertainment. Get started.

Be Your Own Jukebox Hero

The Energy Blue Theme Pack includes a Windows Media Player skin that's customized for the Tablet PC, with knobs and buttons that are easy to control with a pen. It also includes new wallpaper, and energizes the colors used on your Start menu, application windows, and toolbars.

Download here

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

They're here! PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after a product has been released to manufacturing. They'll add fun and functionality to your Tablet PC experience.

Art Tool for Tablet PC     Calculator for Tablet PC     Dictionary Tool     Dots

Drawing Animator Toy     Extended Desktop     Hoop Strategy Game    Hold Tool

Maze Game     Crossword Puzzle      Pool     Puzzle Game     Snipping Tool

Tablet PC Music Composition     Thumbnail     Tic Tac Toe    Writing Recognition


In Association with

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